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Madisonville Elementary School

Mrs. Haley Burke » Homework


Homework will go home on Mondays and will include:
          This Week in Language Arts-weekly spelling words, sight words and grammar and writing skills
          Reading Passage-read nightly for fluency and answer questions
          Math Practice sheet-covers math skills we've been learning
          Math Fact sheet-simple addition/subtraction problems to help your child memorize their facts
This is to be completed by Friday.  Please spend no more than 10 minutes per night working on homework.  It is a great way for you to be aware of what we are working on in class and help your child if needed.  It is also a way to help teach your child responsibility.  They should be the ones putting everything in their folder for the next day.  They will never be punished for not having homework but on the days they have everything in their folders and are at school on time they will earn checkmarks on our homework chart.  After filling up their row on the chart with checkmarks they will be able to pull from my prize box.