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Madisonville Elementary School

Mrs. Sondra Hightower » Our Schedule

Our Schedule

7:50-8:15          Greet students by name and with a hug or handshake                

                          Opening Exercises (Dr. Brooks Ch. 75)

                          Lunch count (put on clip outside door)

8:15-8:30           Good Things/Restroom Break/Switch Classes with Buffaloe

8:30-10:30           Block A Language Arts (teach Buffaloe’s Class)

10:30-10:45       Restroom Break/Snack Time

10:45-12:35       Block B Language Arts (teach my class)

12:35-12:40       Lunch Preparation/Restroom Break

12:40-1:10          Lunch           

1:10-1:40           Recess/Restroom -

1:40-2:10          Social Studies/Science  WED  (2:15-2:45)  

2:10-2:25           Read Aloud /Stack and Pack/Stamp Folders WED(2:45-3:10)

2:25-3:10           Activities:(MON- Comp. 1; TUES-ART; WED.-1:30-2:15 (Music 1st week/3rd week 

                                                                                                                  PE 2nd week/4th week)   

                             THURS-P.E.; FRI-Comp. 1

3:15           DISMISSAL