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Madisonville Elementary School

About Me:

Welcome to Kindergarten!! My name is Sara Villarreal. I am a Kindergarten teacher at Madisonville Elementary School. I absolutely love it! I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I am certified to teach General Education (early childhood through 6th grade), English as a Second Language (Early childhood through 12th grade), and Special Education (early childhood through 12th grade). I love home to school communication. I encourage you to reach out to me!! I will help you and your child in any way I can!
Kindergarten is an academic packed year. Along with play and social-emotional learning, students are learning to read, comprehend, write, and complete basic math skills. This is a small view of what all students are expected to know by the end of the school year, but this is the "meat" of it.
****The PDF file directly above is what you can expect each month for the 2019-2020 academic year. Click the link above to view titled: monthly newsletter 2019-2020***
This is the newsletter Kindergarten teachers send home with students at the beginning of each month. These are our monthly focuses, a letter to parents, important dates, and sight words. Of course, we reteach each skill throughout the year and build on what we've already taught. You can help reinforce these skills at home!
Sight Words:
1st nine weeks:

I           can the

we      see    a

like      to     go


2nd nine weeks:


and go    you

do       my   are

with he     is

did     ran    in

no       yes


3rd nine weeks:


little    she was

for       have    of

they    said    want

here    not     say

saw     but


4th nine weeks:


me       this     what

help    too      has

play     where    look

good who     come

does jump

Science and Social Studies is not included on the newsletter:
September: 5 Senses, Apples, Community Helpers
October: Fall, Bats, Spiders, Human Body, Skeleton
November: Thanksgiving
December: Winter, Changing Seasons, Christmas
January: Polar Regions, Polar Animals
February: Ground Hog Day, Valentine's Day, My Country
March: Texas Symbols, St. Patrick's Day, Farm Animals, Plants
April: Insects, Easter, Eggs, Spring Weather
May: Space, Ocean, Dinosaurs
For additional resources: (We use Jack Hartmann in class ALL THE TIME!) (jammed packed with educational games!) (children's books read by celebrities) 
Kids love to play on phones!! Download some awesome learning apps straight to your phone for screen time made educational! Some of my favorites include: (iPhone users)
Leapfrog Academy
Endless 123
Letter Quiz
Sight Words and Phonics Reading
You want to help your child succeed in Kindergarten, but you're not sure what to do? PLEASE reach out to me!! Your child's success and growth is a top priority! I will happily give you some tips, resources, and advice!
And don't forget to READ -at least- 20 minutes a day with your child!