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Madisonville Elementary School

Successful PTO Meeting

Our elementary school Constitution Day PTO meeting was a big success on Monday, September 21. We enjoyed a record crowd.

Our PTO President, Mrs. Ashley Jarrett and her officers led our program and presented our parents with a variety of opportunities to become involved and participate fully in our program. Information about our biggest fund raiser, Believe, was also relayed by Mrs. Jarrett. Fliers will be sent out in the Tuesday folders today.

Ms. Erika Pope, Girl Scout representative for several counties in the area, was on hand to promote the GSA program. Her scouts helped to pass out tickets for the PTO door prizes and lead us in the pledge to the American flag. It was a plus for members of MCISD/PTO to hear her say to the audience that our event was one of the best organized and supported programs that she has attended.

Mr. Ezequiel ‘Zeke’ Guevara was recognized as the person who pitched in to stop an unattended vehicle that was rolling toward our building.  Reminders about student attendance, transportation, and traffic safety were given by the principal.

Our teachers presented important information about each of our grade levels. They were represented well by Mrs. Katherine Cole, Mrs. Jessica Pasket, Mrs. Alice Fraley, and Mrs. Tiffany Strong. The elementary team quickly presented pertinent information about our end of the year goals, how work with children at home, and where to get help with homework.

In recognition of constitution day, our kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students, directed Mrs. Debra Savell, sang and performed in a Patriotic Program. Mrs. Savell taught our little students to sing the Preamble to the Constitution, our National Anthem, and several other rousing pieces.  Many were people were moved!

Thanks to everyone involved for starting our school year off in such a great way.