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Madisonville Elementary School

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Welcome back to another exciting year of PE!  Mrs. Guy and I will be working with all the Pre-K-2nd grade this year. The students will be learning new games and activities throughout the year. 

The first graders will learn new activities to prepare them for the PTO program they will perform in late January.

In February the 1st & 2nd graders will participate in JUMP ROPE FOR HEART during their PE classes.

Throughout the year, all the 1st & 2nd graders will be participating in Mileage Club.  For every mile they complete, students will earn a "foot" token that can be worn on a chain or on a shoelace.  Kindergarten students will be getting in shape for 1st & 2nd grade. Pre-K will learn how to play games to get them ready for kindergarten.
In order to play safely in the gym, I would like for each student either to wear tennis shoes to PE class OR bring a pair of tennis shoes to put on before coming to class.  We do a lot of running & jumping in PE, and wearing tennis shoes will help keep the students from slipping and falling. Please make sure that your child's shoelaces are tied before they arrive at school.  Also, any girls who wear dresses or skirts need to wear shorts underneath their dress or skirt.  
Let's have a GREAT year!