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Newton News

Welcome to Mrs. Newton’s Class



Library Thursdays--Newton 9:30/Harbes 11:00


 Math homework will be returned to Mrs. Harbes

See homework tab for details about Language Arts nightly homework.



Need a conference with me?  Email or call 348-2261 and we can get together. 

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Recent Posts

Bernoulli's Principle

Moon orbiting Earth with leaf blowers showing Bernoulli's Principle in action.

Dona Flor

Our spelling this week focus on the long e sound as well as some sight words and review words.  We will test on these words November 3rd.  

Spelling for 9/29-10/5

Spelling words are posted below.  The test will be Thursday October 5th.  

Remind 101

Scroll down and follow the directions to sign up for remind.  I will send home reminders about homework, tests, and any other things of importance throughout the week.  Thank you. 

Fluency homework

Your child will bring home a paper each Monday with a story to read.  Your child should read this passage each night to increase their fluency.  Fluency is not how fast they read.  It's how smoothly they read and how they well understand. Every Friday I will listen to your child read and take that data to make instructional decisions about them.  It will help us set goals and improve their reading.