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Madisonville Elementary School

Mrs. Lawless: First Grade Math Class

Hey y'all! I'm Ashley Lawless an educator with a passion for teaching and empowering students to become life long thinkers and problem solvers! My goal is to make our classroom a safe and engaging community for all learners. Please join me in supporting the awesome students of MES! 
Teachers who LOVE teaching, teach children to LOVE learning. 
Ways to support learning at home:
1. Practice addition and subtraction math facts up to 10, Counting by 2's, 5's and 10's, telling time (hour/half-hour).  
2. There are great websites out there! Here are a few examples
3. Be sure to check out the MES Symbaloo page for more great resources. Students may log on with their quick cards. 
Let's Connect! Here's how:
Text this number 81010.
Write this message @aeh9f66.
Hit send.
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