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Madisonville Elementary School


 Please make sure you check back for updates.  
Our spelling list will be posted on the Spelling page every other week.  Please utilize this to access spelling lists that may get lost:)
-Our spelling lists will be used for TWO WEEKS.  Your child will come home with new words every other week.  Please use the choice chart in their homework folder for ideas on word work throughout the two weeks.  Our goal is to learn the words, not memorize!
-There will be a reading passage sent home each week.  This is our way to ensure that your child has something to read at home.  Please use the question prompts in the homework folder as you see fit while listening to your child read!

Recent Posts

Welcome back!!

We are ready to take off in 2018!!  I am so excited for this term:) It is at this time of the year that you will really begin to see your child grow.  Please stay on the same routine you have worked so hard to establish.  Read every night-and have conversations about what you are reading.  If you are watching a television show-have conversations about the characters and plot during commercials.  This will transfer to reading comprehension!!  Let's push through this 2nd half and finish strong!

Busy Week

This week is VERY busy!!
The book fair is happening Wed-Fri.  Our class will have the opportunity to purchase books on Thursday at 8:30.  Feel free to come shop with your child anytime Wednesday, Thursday, or 8-12 on Friday!
Our field trip to Texas A&M is Wednesday (not every 2nd grade class is going on this day, so please don't let that confuse you!)  We will leave and return during school hours!  Please do not send your child with a lunch.  We have all ordered from the cafeteria.
Donuts for Dads will take place on Friday!  Feel free to come and enjoy a donut, juice and coffee with your child.  All father figures are welcome!

Red Ribbon Week

Monday: Wear Red
Tuesday: College T-shirt
Wednesday: Wear a Hat
Thursday: Wear Neon colors and sunglasses
Friday: School Spirit!

Orange Day Sale

Friday, October 27th
This is our yearly fundraiser.  If you are able, please send items for us to sell! Halloween dollar items are HUGE hits!  Please have items here by Friday, October 20th.  If you are able to help on the day of the sale, please let me know!  We appreciate all that you do!

We are having a GREAT year so far!!

This year is flying by!  Your students are working hard and it is showing!  Please encourage them to READ READ READ!